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LES - List Element Scheme

List type=1 uses the content.les as the template for list rendering. This makes the newsbrief show more dynamic.

Other List type

ltype=1 uses content.les
ltype=7 uses rss.les
mac=commentslist&ltype=1 uses commentslist.les

The markers used for where content is placed is confined in note marked with three dashes.
Three separate settings can be added to the marker. TAG, CLASS and PROMT

Result:      <TAG class="CLASS">PROMT ENTRY</TAG>

TAG = A standard HTML tag like p, a, div, span etc.
CLASS = Any class name you would like to use in the CSS to control the tag and its contents
PROMT= Text to be displayed before the entry.

PROMT Text that is allowed
Some html allowed. like taging with a span tag.
A to Z, a to z, 0 to 9 [{("æÆøØåÅ")]}, = : ,./\!. are all allowed
But it will not recognize "-"(dash).

EKS:         <!---HEADER;h1;newshead;<span>Read: </span> --->
Result:     <h1 class="newshead"><span>Read: </span>The Title of the article</h1>


HEADER  Title plain text
SUBTITLE  Subtitle plain text
PRI_SUBTITLE  Subtitle, but uses title if subtitle is not available. plain text
INTRO  Intro plain text
INGRESS  Ingress plain text
PRI_INTRO  Intro, but uses ingress if intro is not available. plain text
URL  the plain URL to the full article, no tags
AUTHOR  Display name // publication date,
AUTHOR_NAME  Authors name, plain text
DOMAIN_NAME  Domain name, plain text
PUB_DATE  publication date
PUB_DATETIME  publication time
MOD_DATE  Last modified date
MOD_DATETIME  Last modified time

THB_LINK  Linked thumb image with tages
MORE_LINK  a href link with "more" class

Used for alternativ link text.
 <!--- MORE_URL;;more;Sjå meir æøåÆØÅ --->
(TAG has no effect in this parameter)


Entrys for comments list:

NUM Number of comments
Date for last comment
CRE_DATETIME Date and time for last comment




The content.les file normaly consists of something like this:

<div class="news">
<p class="header">
<a href="<!---URL--->" title="<!---Header--->"><!--- PUB_DATE ---> <!--- Header ---></a>

<!--- THB_LINK;div;thumb --->

<!--- INGRESS;p;ingress--->

<!--- MORE_LINK;p;rightLink;Les mer--->




This will make the servlet render this:

<div class="news">
<p class="header">
<a href="/pub/code/main?aid=34#code" title="En tredje markør">08.02.07 En tredje markør</a>

<div class="thumb"><a href="/pub/code/main?aid=34#code" title=""><img src="/resources/1/images/13/185wal_22_big_sml.jpg" class="st-thumb-image" alt="185wal"></a></div>

<p class="ingress">Innen journalistikken opererer man gjerne med to hovedtyper ingresser: sitat-ingress eller saksingress. Det finnes også blandinger mellom disse. Sitat-ingress inneholder et sitat som innledning til saken. Saksingress oppsummerer artikkelen uten å inneholde sitat.</p>

<p class="rightLink"><a href="/pub/code/main?aid=34#code" class="more" title="Les mer">Les mer</a></p>


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